Nicole Kruspe

List of John Benjamins publications for which Nicole Kruspe plays a role.



There is a long history presuming smell is not expressible in language, but numerous studies in recent years challenge this presupposition. Large smell lexica have been reported around the world thereby showing high lexical codability in this domain. Psycholinguistic studies likewise find smell can… read more | Article
Affinal avoidance registers are strategies of restrained linguistic conduct in relation to one’s in-laws. Current theories are primarily concerned with two types of strategies: (1) taboos on uttering the proper names of affines, and (2) substitution of everyday words with dedicated parallel lexicon… read more | Chapter
Dunn, Michael, Niclas Burenhult, Nicole Kruspe, Sylvia Tufvesson and Neele Becker 2011 Aslian linguistic prehistory: A case study in computational phylogeneticsDiachronica 28:3, pp. 291–323
This paper analyzes newly collected lexical data from 26 languages of the Aslian subgroup of the Austroasiatic language family using computational phylogenetic methods. We show the most likely topology of the Aslian family tree, discuss rooting and external relationships to other Austroasiatic… read more | Article
Kruspe, Nicole 2011 8. Reciprocal constructions in Mah MeriReciprocals and Semantic Typology, Evans, Nicholas, Alice Gaby, Stephen C. Levinson and Asifa Majid (eds.), pp. 149–162
This paper provides an account of reciprocal constructions in Mah Meri, an Aslian (Austroasiatic) language spoken in peninsular Malaysia. A brief outline of the relevant grammatical points is provided before turning to examine the two constructions identified. The ‘bare conjunct’ construction… read more | Article