Henning Andersen

List of John Benjamins publications for which Henning Andersen plays a role.



This paper is about the current disconnect between synchronic and diachronic linguistics and the need for historical linguists to take the lead in addressing the big issues in morphology: how agglutination develops into fusion and symbolism, how these techniques are maintained through time, how… read more
Andersen, Henning 2015 Review of Fertig (2013): Analogy and morphological changeDiachronica 32:1, pp. 83–88 | Review
Andersen, Henning 2008 Naturalness and markednessNaturalness and Iconicity in Language, Willems, Klaas and Ludovic De Cuypere (eds.), pp. 101–119 | Article
The following comparison of Naturalness theory and Markedness theory contrasts naturalness scales and markedness relations and the distinct notions of value in the two theories in order to focus on recent advances in the identification of rules of naturalness syntax and markedness syntax. It is… read more
Andersen, Henning 2008 Grammaticalization in a speaker-oriented theory of changeGrammatical Change and Linguistic Theory: The Rosendal papers, Eythórsson, Thórhallur (ed.), pp. 11–44 | Article
Taking Heine’s (2003) characterization of Grammaticalization as its point of departure, this paper proposes an elementary framework, and corresponding terminology, for the description of the most common types of historical change in grammar (changes in content, content syntax, expression, and… read more
Andersen, Henning 2006 Synchrony, Diachrony, and EvolutionCompeting Models of Linguistic Change: Evolution and beyond, Nedergaard Thomsen, Ole (ed.), pp. 59–90 | Chapter
Andersen, Henning 2005 On The Handbook of Historical LinguisticsDiachronica 22:1, pp. 155–176 | Review article
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Andersen, Henning 2001 IntroductionActualization: Linguistic Change in Progress, Andersen, Henning (ed.), pp. 1 ff. | Miscellaneous
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