Michael White

List of John Benjamins publications for which Michael White plays a role.



White, Michael and Beatriz Villacañas 2014 Metaphor and phraseology from the language of bullfighting in SpanishReview of Cognitive Linguistics 12:1, pp. 99–132 | Article
Mass-audience events provide languages with fertile sources of metaphor. Such events display pronounced spatial parameters, dynamicity and purposive activity, all of which have been shown to enable metaphor processes. Furthermore, the mass following and the experiential recurrence of such events… read more
Villacañas, Beatriz and Michael White 2013 Pictorial metonymy as creativity source in “Purificación García” advertising campaignsMetaphorical creativity across modes, Hidalgo-Downing, Laura and Blanca Kraljevic Mujic (eds.), pp. 220–239 | Article
This article examines “Purificación García” advertising campaigns from 1999 to 2013, showing them to be consistently driven by pictorial metonymy. The campaigns systematically use pictorial images, dispensing with ad hoc explanatory linguistic material and do not portray end commercial products.… read more