Tinka Reichmann

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In this paper, I discuss choices concerning the legal content for interpreting students based on the syllabus of a lecture on Legal Interpreting in the Master of Arts in Conference Interpreting at the University of Leipzig. The topics were chosen on the basis of the professional experience of… read more
Reichmann, Tinka 2007 A clivagem no português: Critérios de classificação e métodos de traduçãoDoubts and Directions in Translation Studies: Selected contributions from the EST Congress, Lisbon 2004, Gambier, Yves, Miriam Shlesinger † and Radegundis Stolze (eds.), pp. 253–266 | Chapter
This paper builds on my doctoral thesis and describes the different clefting structures in Portuguese as a means of conveying the focus-ground structure of texts. Clefting is used to mark the text with the sender perspective. The broad variety of cleft sentences in Portuguese is connected to a… read more