Mikyung Ahn

List of John Benjamins publications for which Mikyung Ahn plays a role.


Previous studies using diachronic data from the Sejong Historical Corpus have traced the semantic extension of voice marker -eci from middle to passive uses (e.g. Ahn & Yap 2017). In this study, based on data from the Sejong Contemporary Spoken Corpus, we further examine the relationship between… read more
Ahn, Mikyung and Foong Ha Yap 2017 From middle to passive: A diachronic analysis of Korean -eci constructionsDiachronica 34:4, pp. 437–469 | Article
This paper examines the relationship between middle and passive voice constructions in Korean, in particular how they have come to share the same grammatical marker -eci. Based on diachronic data from the UNICONC (Korean historical) database, spanning Old, Middle and Modern Korean (15th to 20th… read more
The present paper investigates how the Korean sentence-final particle -tani is used to mark mirativity. More interestingly, this paper discusses how Korean speakers or writers employ this mirative marker -tani (i) to often express their negative emotions and satisfy their face needs and (ii) to… read more
This paper examines how hearsay evidential markers in Korean are used within the pragmatic domain to serve a wide range of epistemic and politeness functions. In particular, we focus on a new paradigm of hearsay evidential markers — more specifically, the V-ta ha-X > V-ta-X type, among them -tako,… read more
Ahn, Mikyung and Foong Ha Yap 2014 On the development of Korean SAY evidentials and their extended pragmatic functionsDiachronica 31:3, pp. 299–336 | Article
This paper examines the development of five hearsay evidential markers in Korean, namely, tako, tamye, tamyense, tanun and tanta, and traces their extended pragmatic functions in discourse. We first identify their functions over time, from Middle Korean to Modern and Contemporary Korean, then… read more