Konrad Ehlich

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Augenkommunikation: Methodenreflexion und Beispielanalyse

Konrad Ehlich und Jochen Rehbein

[Linguistik Aktuell/Linguistics Today, 2] 1982. viii, 150 pp. With many photographic ills.
Subjects Theoretical linguistics


Ehlich, Konrad 1989 Deictic expressions and the connexity of textText and Discourse Connectedness: Proceedings of the Conference on Connexity and Coherence, Urbino, July 16–21, 1984, Conte, Maria-Elisabeth, János Sánder Petöfi and Emel Sözer (eds.), pp. 33 ff. | Article
Ehlich, Konrad 1985 26. School discourse as dialogue?Dialogue: An interdisciplinary approach, Dascal, Marcelo † (ed.), pp. 383 ff. | Chapter
This article deals with the relationship between the concrete perceptible linguistic phenomena and their underlying schemata of speech action, illustrated by an analysis of this relationship in the educational institution, i.e. in a classroom. The concrete linguistic utterances are realisations of… read more