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Constructing Languages: Norms, myths and emotions

Edited by Francesc Feliu and Josep M. Nadal

Subjects Historical linguistics | History of linguistics | Language policy | Sociolinguistics and Dialectology


This programmatic text constitutes an unconventional theoretical approach to the linguistic fact, the foundation of the languages existence, the processes with which they have been constituted historically, the functions that correspond to them and the emotional implications that they always… read more | Chapter
When we accept that languages condition the well-being of speakers, how should we reconsider the concept of “language”? Does it only refer to the official language, the one that is used as a reference to situate ourselves in one place or another within the social structure, or does it also refer to… read more | Chapter
Nadal, Josep M. 2019 Language intricacy: An issue of multi scalarity and feedback loopThe Intricacy of Languages, Feliu, Francesc and Olga Fullana (eds.), pp. 1–7
This text established the theoretical framework for the 10th International Colloquium ‘Problems and Methods of Language History’, which discusses about the intricacy of languages and gives rise to the present book. In this brief reflection, the main subjects of interest in our volume are mentioned,… read more | Chapter
Feliu, Francesc and Josep M. Nadal 2016 Languages as a construction: An enlightening perspectiveConstructing Languages: Norms, myths and emotions, Feliu, Francesc and Josep M. Nadal (eds.), pp. 1–6