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Language Acquisition Beyond Parameters: Studies in honour of Juana M. Liceras

Edited by Anahí Alba de la Fuente, Elena Valenzuela and Cristina Martínez Sanz

[Studies in Bilingualism, 51] 2016. vi, 305 pp.
Subjects Language acquisition | Multilingualism | Romance linguistics | Syntax | Theoretical linguistics
Subjects Romance linguistics | Theoretical linguistics


Valenzuela, Elena, Michael Iverson, Jason Rothman, Kristina Borg, Diego Pascual y Cabo and Manuela Pinto 2015 Eventive and stative passives and copula selection in Canadian and American Heritage Speaker SpanishNew Perspectives on the Study of Ser and Estar, Pérez-Jiménez, Isabel, Manuel Leonetti and Silvia Gumiel-Molina (eds.), pp. 267–292 | Article
Spanish captures the difference between eventive and stative passives via an obligatory choice between two copula; verbal passives take the copula ser and adjectival passives take the copula estar. In this study, we compare and contrast US and Canadian heritage speakers of Spanish on their… read more
Bruhn de Garavito, Joyce and Elena Valenzuela 2007 Interpretive deficit? Evidence from the future tense in L2 SpanishRomance Linguistics 2006: Selected papers from the 36th Linguistic Symposium on Romance Languages (LSRL), New Brunswick, March-April 2006, Camacho, José, Nydia Flores-Ferrán, Liliana Sánchez, Viviane Déprez and María José Cabrera (eds.), pp. 43 ff. | Article
Borgonovo, Claudia, Joyce Bruhn de Garavito, Pedro Guijarro-Fuentes, Philippe Prévost and Elena Valenzuela 2006 Specificity in Spanish: The syntax/semantics interface in SLAEUROSLA Yearbook: Volume 6 (2006), Foster-Cohen, Susan H., Marta Medved Krajnovic and Jelena Mihaljević Djigunović (eds.), pp. 57–78 | Article
Recent proposals argue that interface areas such as syntax/semantics and syntax/pragmatics are particularly difficult for adult learners, in comparison to purely syntactic phenomena (Sorace 2003, 2004). In contrast, other research shows that L2 learners are able to acquire target representations… read more
Valenzuela, Elena 2006 L2 end state grammars and incomplete acquisition of Spanish CLLD constructionsInquiries in Linguistic Development: In honor of Lydia White, Slabakova, Roumyana, Silvina Montrul and Philippe Prévost (eds.), pp. 283–304 | Article