Xiaoting Li

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Subjects Discourse studies | Pragmatics | Sino-Tibetan languages


Li, Xiaoting 2024 Managing progressivity and solidarity with nage shenme ‘that what’ in Mandarin interactionNew Perspectives in Interactional Linguistic Research, Selting, Margret and Dagmar Barth-Weingarten (eds.), pp. 223–247 | Chapter
Nage shenme ‘that what’ is a fixed pronoun phrase commonly used as a “filler” in Mandarin. This study examines the interactional functions of nage shenmes (NSs) in face-to-face Mandarin interaction. An examination of the data shows that NSs appear in a variety of turn positions.… read more
Yinwei ‘because’ is a causal conjunction or preposition indicating a causal relation between two clauses, NPs and other discourse units in Mandarin Chinese. Building on the previous research, this study examines how yinwei is used by conversational participants to organize talk and accomplish… read more
Li, Xiaoting 2016 Some interactional uses of syntactically incomplete turns in Mandarin conversationConversation Analysis in Chinese, Thompson, Sandra A. and Ruey-Jiuan Regina Wu (eds.), pp. 237–271 | Article
In everyday conversation, sometimes a speaker may not complete his/her turn, and the recipients do not treat it as problematic. This paper investigates this type of syntactically incomplete turns (henceforth, SITs) in Mandarin conversation. Specifically, this study examines how SITs are used and… read more
Li, Xiaoting 2013 Language and the body in the construction of units in Mandarin face-to-face interactionUnits of Talk – Units of Action, Szczepek Reed, Beatrice and Geoffrey Raymond (eds.), pp. 343–376 | Article
This article explores the interrelatedness between language and the body in the delimitation of multi-TCU turns in Mandarin face-to-face interaction. Based on video recordings of Mandarin conversation, this study describes a recurrent pattern of body movements: forward lean and return of the body.… read more