Ewa Gumul

List of John Benjamins publications for which Ewa Gumul plays a role.


Gumul, Ewa and Magdalena Bartłomiejczyk 2022 Interpreters’ explicitating styles: A corpus study of material from the European ParliamentInterpreting 24:2, pp. 163–191 | Article
This article investigates explicitation as an indicator of individual interpreters’ style in the outputs of professional interpreters working for the European Parliament. The material used for the study is a sub-corpus of target texts by 12 interpreters extracted from a larger bi-directional… read more
This paper reports on a RPT study which employed an adapted version of the three-stage method used by Herring (2018). The same stimulus and method were employed with two distinct populations (experienced medical interpreters in the USA and student interpreters in Poland), with the aim of… read more
This article investigates the correlation between explicitation and increased cognitive load in simultaneous interpreting by trainee interpreters. It has been hypothesised, on the one hand, that certain explicitating shifts in simultaneous interpreting may be caused by increased cognitive load… read more
Gumul, Ewa 2019 Fang Tang. Explicitation in consecutive interpreting Interpreting 21:1, pp. 160–164 | Review