Charlotte Hommerberg

List of John Benjamins publications for which Charlotte Hommerberg plays a role.


Paradis, Carita and Charlotte Hommerberg 2016 Chapter 9. We drink with our eyes first: The web of sensory perceptions, aesthetic experiences and mixed imagery in wine reviewsMixing Metaphor, Gibbs, Jr., Raymond W. (ed.), pp. 177–202 | Article
This chapter analyzes the language resources that writers have at their disposal to describe their experience of the web of sensory perceptions that are evoked in the wine tasting practice. The task of the writer is to provide a mental understanding of the sensations as well as a prehension of the… read more
This paper explores the language used by critics to appraise wine, at the same time investigating the validity and usefulness of categories in the Appraisal framework, as set out by Martin & White (2005). Our analysis of a corpus of wine reviews suggests that sub-categories of Appreciation — used… read more