Elise Kärkkäinen

List of John Benjamins publications for which Elise Kärkkäinen plays a role.


Subjects Discourse studies | English linguistics | Germanic linguistics | Pragmatics | Semantics


Keisanen, Tiina and Elise Kärkkäinen 2014 A multimodal analysis of compliment sequences in everyday English interactionsApproaches to grammar for interactional linguistics, Laury, Ritva, Marja Etelämäki and Elizabeth Couper-Kuhlen (eds.), pp. 649–672 | Article
This study offers a multimodal analysis of turns in everyday English interactions that are used for making compliments, i.e. for positively evaluating the appearance, personal qualities or actions of (a) co-present participant(s) in the present situation. We first identify the most frequent… read more
Kärkkäinen, Elise 2007 The role of I guess in conversational stancetakingStancetaking in Discourse: Subjectivity, evaluation, interaction, Englebretson, Robert (ed.), pp. 183–219 | Article