Francisco Martínez Ibarra

List of John Benjamins publications for which Francisco Martínez Ibarra plays a role.


Martínez Ibarra, Francisco 2021 Chapter 11. An analysis of how business owners use Valencian and Spanish in the linguistic landscapeLinguistic Landscape in the Spanish-speaking World, Gubitosi, Patricia and Michelle F. Ramos Pellicia (eds.), pp. 293–312 | Chapter
The study of the Linguistic Landscape provides opportunities to ethnolinguistically depict a community. It also allows for deciphering communication patterns among users and understand societal perceptions of language use. This paper examines the contact between Spanish and a western variety of… read more
Martínez Ibarra, Francisco 2016 Spanish and Valencian in contact: A study on the linguistic landscape of ElcheSpanish Language and Sociolinguistic Analysis, Sessarego, Sandro and Fernando Tejedo-Herrero (eds.), pp. 135–154 | Article
The purpose of my study is to analyze the contact between Spanish and Valencian in the linguistic landscape of Elche. What are the languages being used and on what types of signs? Does the linguistic landscape reflect the language use and attitudes of the population of Elche? What does the… read more