Michel Fayol

List of John Benjamins publications for which Michel Fayol plays a role.



Weth, Constanze, Sonja Ugen, Michel Fayol and Natalia Bîlici 2021 Spelling patterns of plural marking and learning trajectories in French taught as a foreign languageWritten Language & Literacy 24:1, pp. 81–109 | Article
Although French plural spelling has been studied extensively, the complexity of factors affecting the learning of French plural spelling are not yet fully explained, namely on the level of adjectival and verbal plural. This study investigates spelling profiles of French plural markers of 228… read more
Maggio, Severine, Florence Chenu, Guillemette Bes de Berc, Blandine Pesci, Bernard Lété, Harriet Jisa and Michel Fayol 2015 Producing written noun phrases in FrenchWritten Language & Literacy 18:1, pp. 1–24 | Article
This research compares the time-course of the written production of bare nouns to that of noun phrases. French adults named pictures of objects either using or not using determiners. Resulting pauses and writing rates were analyzed in relation to word-orthographic frequency, syllabic length, and… read more
Pacton, Sébastien and Michel Fayol 2004 Learning to spell in a deep orthography: The case of FrenchLanguage Development across Childhood and Adolescence, Berman, Ruth A. (ed.), pp. 163–176 | Chapter
Pacton, Sébastien, Michel Fayol and Pierre Perruchet 2002 The acquisition of untaught orthographic regularities in FrenchPrecursors of Functional Literacy, Verhoeven, Ludo, Carsten Elbro and Pieter Reitsma (eds.), pp. 121–137 | Article