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This paper presents a detailed comparison of certain verb forms in Sir Firumbras, a text produced in a relatively remote part of southwestern England around 1380, with those found in texts produced in the London area around the same time. The forms in question reflect a collapse in some dialects… read more
Historical linguists have long been divided in their views about the mechanisms behind paradigm leveling, with many invoking a special mechanism related to a universal preference for paradigm uniformity while others attribute leveling to the same mechanism responsible for other types of analogical… read more
SUMMARY Among the many changes that have occurred in the stem vowels of the German modal verbs is one set that has led to the partial or complete elimination of morphophonemic alternations between present and preterite in five of the modals in modern times. Analogical leveling is usually seen as… read more
Fertig, David 1996 Phonology, Orthography and the Umlaut puzzleGermanic Linguistics: Syntactic and diachronic, Lippi-Green, Rosina L. and Joseph C. Salmons (eds.), pp. 169 ff. | Article