Helen Plado

List of John Benjamins publications for which Helen Plado plays a role.


Lindström, Liina, Maarja-Liisa Pilvik and Helen Plado 2021 Variation in negation in SetoPostverbal negation, Krasnoukhova, Olga, Johan van der Auwera and Mily Crevels (eds.), pp. 557–597 | Article
Seto is an exceptional language in the Uralic family due to its systematic use of postverbal negation, although preverbal and double negation marking are also used. Postverbal negation is still the most frequent and unmarked pattern occurring in about 74% of negative clauses in Seto. This paper… read more
Jokela, Hanna and Helen Plado 2015 Subjects under generic conditions: Implied subjects in Finnish and Estonian if-clausesSubjects in Constructions – Canonical and Non-Canonical, Helasvuo, Marja-Liisa and Tuomas Huumo (eds.), pp. 73–97 | Article
The chapter discusses implied subjects creating open or generic reference in Finnish and Estonian if-clauses from a contrastive perspective. We focus on the so-called zero person constructions, passives/impersonals, and the Estonian da-infinitive which acts as a predicate of an if-clause. These… read more
Plado, Helen 2014 Development of the Estonian conjunction kuna ‘while; because’ during the 20th centuryContexts of Subordination: Cognitive, typological and discourse perspectives, Visapää, Laura, Jyrki Kalliokoski and Helena Sorva (eds.), pp. 269–286 | Article
The change from temporal to cause is one of the well-known grammaticalization paths. This article analyses the change in the Estonian conjunction kuna, ‘while; as, because’ from temporal to causal one as well as the attitude of the Estonian language planners towards this change. This change has… read more