Ferdinand von Mengden

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Usage-Based Approaches to Language Change

Edited by Evie Coussé and Ferdinand von Mengden

Subjects Functional linguistics | Historical linguistics | Sociolinguistics and Dialectology | Theoretical linguistics


Mengden, Ferdinand von 2016 Functional changes and (meta-)linguistic evolutionExaptation and Language Change, Norde, Muriel and Freek Van de Velde (eds.), pp. 121–162 | Article
In this contribution I assess some mainstream approaches to functional changes of grammatical expressions with a focus on two concepts – ‘(secondary) grammaticalization’ and ‘exaptation’. As to the former, I argue that the most influential definition of ‘grammaticalization’ by Kuryłowicz’s (1965)… read more
Mengden, Ferdinand von and Evie Coussé 2014 Introduction. The role of change in usage-based conceptions of languageUsage-Based Approaches to Language Change, Coussé, Evie and Ferdinand von Mengden (eds.), pp. 1–20 | Article
Mengden, Ferdinand von 2008 Reconstructing complex structures: A typological perspectivePrinciples of Syntactic Reconstruction, Ferraresi, Gisella and Maria Goldbach (eds.), pp. 97–119 | Article
Depending of the type of results we wish to achieve, different methods need to be employed in reconstructing proto-languages. In the first part of this paper I shall discuss the Comparative Method and elaborate why, I believe, this method is in principle not suitable for syntactic reconstruction.… read more
Mengden, Ferdinand von 2008 The grammaticalization cline of cardinal numerals and numeral systemsRethinking Grammaticalization: New perspectives, López-Couso, María José and Elena Seoane (eds.), pp. 289–308 | Article
This paper investigates the grammaticalization of cardinal numerals and numeral systems from a crosslinguistic perspective. The grammaticalization cline postulated here starts with a referential expression denoting a body part to a cardinal numeral and leads on to a functional affix which occurs in… read more