Roger Gilabert

List of John Benjamins publications for which Roger Gilabert plays a role.



Sánchez, Alberto J., Rosa M. Manchón and Roger Gilabert 2020 Chapter 6. The effects of task repetition across modalities and proficiency levelsWriting and Language Learning: Advancing research agendas, Manchón, Rosa M. (ed.), pp. 121–144 | Chapter
Research on task repetition (TR) has consistently showed beneficial effects for L2 oral production in terms of CAF measures (complexity, accuracy, and fluency). However, open questions exist regarding the modality-dependency and proficiency-dependency of TR learning affordances. To advance… read more
Vasylets, Olena, Roger Gilabert and Rosa M. Manchón 2020 Chapter 8. Task modality, communicative adequacy and CAF measures: The moderating role of task complexityWriting and Language Learning: Advancing research agendas, Manchón, Rosa M. (ed.), pp. 183–206 | Chapter
In this study we looked into the learning affordances of task modalities as mediated by task complexity. A group of intermediate learners performed an argumentative task with two levels of complexity orally and in writing and their performance was rated for adequacy, and assessed in terms of the… read more
This study examines the effects of task design on interlanguage pragmatics, bringing together task complexity and L2 pragmatic outcomes measured holistically. Fifteen expert judges were asked independently to assess task complexity and to evaluate the pragmatic performance of 60 EFL learners who… read more
Gilabert, Roger and Júlia Barón 2013 3. The impact of increasing task complexity on L2 pragmatic movesSecond Language Interaction in Diverse Educational Contexts, McDonough, Kim and Alison Mackey (eds.), pp. 45–70 | Chapter
The study measures the impact of increasing cognitive task demands on the use of L2 learners’ pragmatic moves. L2 Spanish/Catalan learners of English (n = 36) were grouped into pairs and performed two types of problem-solving tasks. Task complexity was independently measured by means of a learners’… read more
Levkina, Mayya and Roger Gilabert 2012 The effects of cognitive task complexity on L2 oral productionDimensions of L2 Performance and Proficiency: Complexity, Accuracy and Fluency in SLA, Housen, Alex, Folkert Kuiken and Ineke Vedder (eds.), pp. 171–198 | Article
This paper examines the impact of task complexity on L2 production. The study increases task complexity by progressively removing pre-task planning time and increasing the number of elements. The combined effects of manipulating these two variables of task complexity simultaneously are also… read more
This paper reports on the impact of manipulating cognitive task complexity on L2 production across task types and across modes. Specifically, the paper presents results from two separate but interrelated studies. The first study measured the impact of manipulating the cognitive demands of tasks… read more