Łukasz Grabowski

List of John Benjamins publications for which Łukasz Grabowski plays a role.


Although there has been a plethora of research on formulaic language in contemporary English, conducted with various purposes in mind (descriptive, applied and otherwise), studies of formulaic phrasings in Old English texts are rare. In this paper, we employ selected corpus linguistic methods to… read more
This study uses both parallel and comparable reference corpora in the English-Polish language pair to explore how translators deal with recurrent multi-word items performing specific discoursal functions. We also consider whether the observed tendencies overlap with those found in native texts,… read more
This chapter has two major aims. First, it attempts to extend earlier research on recurrent phraseologies used in the pharmaceutical field (Grabowski 2015) by exploring the use, distribution and functions of lexical bundles found in English texts describing drug-drug interactions. Conducted from an… read more
Grounded in phraseology and corpus linguistics, this paper aims to explore the use of bilingual lexical bundles to improve the degree of naturalness and textual fit of translated texts. More specifically, this study attempts to identify lexical bundles, that is, recurrent sequences of 3–7 words… read more
Kopytowska, Monika, Łukasz Grabowski and Julita Woźniak 2017 Mobilizing against the Other: Cyberhate, refugee crisis and proximizationContemporary Discourses of Hate and Radicalism across Space and Genres, Kopytowska, Monika (ed.), pp. 57–97 | Article
Drawing on the insights from Media Proximization Approach (MPA), the present chapter explores the dynamics of the online construction of the Other in the context of current refugee crisis and the phenomenon of hate speech within cyberspace. While content- and theme-wise, it takes under scrutiny… read more
This study attempts to examine the potential of selected corpus linguistics and computational stylistics methods in the investigation of translation universals in translational literary Polish. It deals with T-universals (Chesterman 2004), with emphasis on the simplification hypothesis, as… read more