Dawa Drolma

List of John Benjamins publications for which Dawa Drolma plays a role.


Drolma, Dawa and Hiroyuki Suzuki 2023 The paradigmaticity of evidentials in the Tibetic languages of KhamsEvidentiality and Modality, Mélac, Eric (ed.), pp. 723–752 | Article
This article argues that the evidential system of Khams Tibetan, a cluster of Tibetic languages spoken in the south-eastern Tibetosphere, should be considered a verb paradigm. We propose a paradigm with six evidential categories (egophoric, statemental, visual sensory, nonvisual sensory, sensory… read more
Drolma, Dawa and Henriëtte Daudey 2021 Characteristics of numerals and classifiers in Darmdo MinyagLinguistics of the Tibeto-Burman Area 44:1, pp. 27–54 | Article
Based on first-hand data obtained during fieldwork, our article analyses numerals and frequently employed numeral classifiers of Darmdo Minyag. Numeral classifiers are obligated to follow a numeral when counting. There are three different roots for ‘ten’: /ɦa~ʁo/ used in the numbers 10–19; /ʁuɑ/… read more