James Dickins

List of John Benjamins publications for which James Dickins plays a role.



This article analyses aspects of the greater use of coordination in Modern Standard Arabic as compared to English, illustrating this through Arabic>English translation. It argues that Arabic ‘favours’ coordination linguistically, textually and rhetorically, as follows: 1. The linguistic resources… read more
Dickins, James 2010 List restructuring in Arabic–English translationBabel 56:4, pp. 341–362 | Article
This paper deals with the translation from Arabic to English of lists, i.e. phrases consisting of at least two, and typically three or more, noun phrases, adjective phrases, etc. which belong to a relatively coherent semantic field. Section 1 considers four standard techniques for translating… read more
Dickins, James 2005 Two models for metaphor translationTarget 17:2, pp. 227–273 | Article
This paper establishes both full and simplified models for the textual analysis of metaphor in a translation context (Section 1). I present the comparison theory of metaphor (Section 2), show how this can be integrated with the notions of lexicalization and non-lexicalization (Section 3) and… read more
This paper shows how various problematic features of the translation into English of Arabic (??) ??? / bacda (‘an) “after” may combine, initially incrementally, but ultimately in a “catastrophic” manner (cf. Woodcock and Davis 1980), at which point the translator is forced to engage in… read more