Aria Adli

List of John Benjamins publications for which Aria Adli plays a role.


This study presents a sociolinguistic analysis of two linguistic variables of French, subject doubling and subject-verb inversion in wh-questions. First, factor and cluster analyses led to a grouping of the sample into four distinct lifestyle types. Then, statistical tests show that lifestyle,… read more
Adli, Aria 2011 On the relation between acceptability and frequencyThe Development of Grammar: Language acquisition and diachronic change, Rinke, Esther and Tanja Kupisch (eds.), pp. 383–403 | Article
The aim of this work is to lay out the relation between the two main sources of linguistic evidence, acceptability judgments and frequency of occurrence in spontaneous speech. Tying acceptability to grammar and frequency to usage, the empirical relation between these data sources is seen as a… read more