Ward Peeters

List of John Benjamins publications for which Ward Peeters plays a role.



Peeters, Ward, John David Linnegar, Marilize Pretorius and Marina Vulovic 2017 Weideman, 2017. Responsible Design in Applied Linguistics: Theory and PracticeEnglish Text Construction 10:1, pp. 179–185 | Review
Due to students’ growing networking needs, educational institutions are increasingly looking for tools to bolster peer communication and information exchange. These tools, furthermore, need to facilitate students’ adaptation to the new academic culture and support their academic acculturation.… read more
While over the past decade social network sites have enabled both learners and teachers to set up various forms of online collaborative learning environments, there is an ongoing discussion on how collaboration through these social media platforms can be situated with regard to the development of… read more