Lia Formigari

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Subjects History of linguistics | Philosophy

Historical Roots of Linguistic Theories

Edited by Lia Formigari and Daniele Gambarara

Subjects History of linguistics
Subjects History of linguistics | Semiotics
Subjects Comparative linguistics | Historical linguistics | History of linguistics | Philosophy
Subjects English linguistics | Germanic linguistics | History of linguistics


Formigari, Lia 2008 Philosophical naturalism and linguistic epistemologyNaturalness and Iconicity in Language, Willems, Klaas and Ludovic De Cuypere (eds.), pp. 25–46 | Article
The first part of the article provides a general working definition of linguistic naturalism and briefly describes the forms it took in pre-modern theories of language, pointing out those aspects that are still present in the modern-day debate (Section 1). It then shows that two different notions… read more
Formigari, Lia 2002 Austinians and romanticsHistoriographia Linguistica 29:1/2, pp. 191–202 | Review article
Formigari, Lia 1995 Language as a sixth senseHistoriographia Linguistica 22:3, pp. 369–377 | Review article
Formigari, Lia 1995 Linguistic Historiography between Linguistics and Philosophy of LanguageHistorical Roots of Linguistic Theories, Formigari, Lia and Daniele Gambarara (eds.), pp. 1 ff. | Article
Formigari, Lia 1993 Historiographia linguistica: Norme redazionaliHistoriographia Linguistica 20:1, pp. 225–228 | Miscellaneous
La manière dont les différentes coteries philosophiques en France abordent l’héritage de la linguistique des Lumières, la manière dont elles se confrontent sur ce terrain, trahissent leurs attitudes respectives face aux problèmes moraux et politiques qui accompagnent la formation de l’Etat… read more