Hermine Penz

List of John Benjamins publications for which Hermine Penz plays a role.



Penz, Hermine 2021 Chapter 3. Adapting to changing concepts of time: From life to fictionThe Pragmatics of Adaptability, Silva, Daniel N. and Jacob L. Mey (eds.), pp. 55–74 | Chapter
Time concepts have been developed throughout human history and different academic disciplines have theorized time. What is more, people’s time regimes have changed through adapting to the introduction of new techniques of production. After discussing changing conceptions of time in the life of… read more
Penz, Hermine 2007 Building common ground through metapragmatic comments in international project workMetapragmatics in Use, Bublitz, Wolfram and Axel Hübler (eds.), pp. 263–292 | Article