Gabriel Ozón

List of John Benjamins publications for which Gabriel Ozón plays a role.


Ozón, Gabriel, Sarah FitzGerald and Melanie Green 2019 Chapter 1.6. Addressing a coverage gap in African Englishes: The tagged corpus of Cameroon Pidgin EnglishCorpus Linguistics and African Englishes, Esimaje, Alexandra U., Ulrike Gut and Bassey E. Antia (eds.), pp. 143–164 | Chapter
This paper illustrates the uses of a tagged corpus of spoken Cameroon Pidgin English (CPE), which has recently been finalised (Ozón et al. 2017) and made available online (Green et al. 2016). The corpus consists of 240,000 words, with mark-up and part-of-speech-tagging. Text categories and… read more
Green, Melanie and Gabriel Ozón 2018 Chapter 12. Information structure in a spoken corpus of Cameroon Pidgin EnglishInformation Structure in Lesser-described Languages: Studies in prosody and syntax, Adamou, Evangelia, Katharina Haude and Martine Vanhove (eds.), pp. 329–356 | Chapter
We explore information structure in a spoken corpus of Cameroon Pidgin English, addressing the broad question of how far the corpus method addresses the needs of research in this area. Focusing on marked pronouns used in focus/topic constructions and the copula/focus marker na, we detail a method… read more