Zhiwei Wu

List of John Benjamins publications for which Zhiwei Wu plays a role.


This article explores how a corpus-based approach allows us to describe and analyze the multimodal complexity of graphic elements in creative subtitling. To this end, the article focuses on a YouTube channel, Apenjie with Dawang, featuring a dog and its owner. This channel’s subtitling… read more
This study systematically reviewed 61 experimental studies on audiovisual translation (AVT), published in academic journals between 1992 and 2020. The review examined five aspects of these studies: publication trends, research scopes, research designs, statistical procedures, and reporting… read more
Wu, Zhiwei and Zhuojia Chen 2020 Localizing Chinese games for Southeast Asian markets: A multidimensional perspectiveLocalization around the globe, O'Hagan, Minako and Julie McDonough Dolmaya (eds.), pp. 49–68 | Article
This article explores how Chinese games are localized for Southeast Asia (SEA) markets. Based on the synthesized insights from practitioners and gamers, we identify gaps between localization in theory and in practice. The post-gold model is popular with Chinese game companies that usually do not… read more
This paper reports on an exploratory study examining the relationship between text characteristics, perceived difficulty and task performance in sight translation (ST). Twenty-nine undergraduate interpreters were asked to sight-translate six texts with different properties. Correlation analysis… read more