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Memory and memorialization

Edited by Eliezer Ben-Rafael and Elana Shohamy

Special issue of Linguistic Landscape 2:3 (2016) v, 104 pp.
Subjects Anthropological Linguistics | Applied linguistics | Communication Studies | Language policy | Multilingualism | Sociolinguistics and Dialectology


Ben-Rafael, Eliezer 2016 IntroductionMemory and memorialization, Ben-Rafael, Eliezer and Elana Shohamy (eds.), pp. 207–210 | Article
Ben-Rafael, Eliezer and Miriam Ben-Rafael 2016 Schöneberg: Memorializing the persecution of JewsMemory and memorialization, Ben-Rafael, Eliezer and Elana Shohamy (eds.), pp. 291–310 | Article
This paper is about the 80 diptychs affixed to lampposts in the Bayerische Viertel (Bavarian Quarter) of Berlin’s Schöneberg neighborhood, that memorialize the persecution of Germany’s Jewry. This study draws its research interests from the sociology of memory, monument scholarship, and the… read more
Ben-Rafael, Eliezer and Miriam Ben-Rafael 2015 Linguistic landscapes in an era of multiple globalizationsLinguistic Landscape 1:1/2, pp. 19–37 | Article
This paper focuses on linguistic landscapes in present-day urban settings. These spaces consist of numberless establishments riddled with versatile texts or ‘LL items’. They are foci of both the development of globalization that conquers the world through commercial globe-encompassing networks,… read more
Sociologia studo de dualingva disvastigo: la obstakloj al instruado de la araba lingvo en israelaj lernejoj Multan gravecon oni donis al studado de dualingva akirado (DLA). Tamen, dum DLA fokusigas je la malfacilajoj, kiujn renkontas unuopa lemanto survoje al lingva kompetento, gi ne konsideras,… read more