Ludovica Lena

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Existential Constructions across Languages: Forms, meanings and functions

Edited by Laure Sarda and Ludovica Lena

[Human Cognitive Processing, 76] 2023. x, 352 pp.
Subjects Cognition and language | Semantics | Syntax | Theoretical linguistics


This contribution concerns Chinese biclausal constructions introduced by the existential verb yǒu and including the bare noun rén ‘person, people’ in the pivotal position. Building upon spoken corpus data, I show that the co-occurrence of an individual-level predicate in the coda exerts a coercion… read more
Sarda, Laure and Ludovica Lena 2023 Chapter 1. Existential constructions: In search of a definitionExistential Constructions across Languages: Forms, meanings and functions, Sarda, Laure and Ludovica Lena (eds.), pp. 1–32 | Chapter