Birgit Apfelbaum

List of John Benjamins publications for which Birgit Apfelbaum plays a role.


Subjects Discourse studies | Multilingualism | Pragmatics | Sociolinguistics and Dialectology


This case study examines the multilingual organization of remembrance in a German Nazi camp memorial. Using tools from ethnographic Conversation Analysis, the author analyzes video-taped core activities from an annual gathering at the memorial site with regard to typical structural configurations… read more
Apfelbaum, Birgit and Bernd Meyer 2010 Multilingualism at work: A brief introductionMultilingualism at Work: From policies to practices in public, medical and business settings, Meyer, Bernd and Birgit Apfelbaum (eds.), pp. 1–10 | Article
Apfelbaum, Birgit 2007 Conversational dynamics as an instructional resource in interpreter-mediated technical settingsThe Critical Link 4: Professionalisation of interpreting in the community, Wadensjö, Cecilia, Birgitta Englund Dimitrova and Anna-Lena Nilsson (eds.), pp. 53–63 | Article
Knowledge about interactional patterns community interpreters are involved in is increasingly recognized as being of crucial importance for the successful management of dialogically organized settings. It has been argued that interpreters as well as primary parties systematically and necessarily… read more
Meyer, Bernd, Birgit Apfelbaum, Franz Pöchhacker and Alexandre Bischoff 2003 Analysing Interpreted Doctor–Patient Communication from the Perspectives of Linguistics, Interpreting Studies and Health SciencesThe Critical Link 3: Interpreters in the Community, Brunette, Louise, Georges L. Bastin, Isabelle Hemlin and Heather Clarke (eds.), pp. 67–79 | Article