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Research on Second Language Processing and Processing Instruction: Studies in honor of Bill VanPatten

Edited by Michael J. Leeser, Gregory D. Keating and Wynne Wong

[Studies in Bilingualism, 62] 2021. viii, 359 pp.
Subjects Applied linguistics | Cognition and language | Language acquisition | Language teaching | Multilingualism | Psycholinguistics


Research on processing instruction (PI) has shown that PI is an effective instructional intervention for learners of various languages and contexts. This chapter addresses a basic question: Why does PI work? In the first section, I provide an overview of the language faculty and discuss how PI… read more
Leeser, Michael J., Gregory D. Keating and Wynne Wong 2021 Chapter 1. Input processing in second language acquisition: The pioneering work of Bill VanPattenResearch on Second Language Processing and Processing Instruction: Studies in honor of Bill VanPatten, Leeser, Michael J., Gregory D. Keating and Wynne Wong (eds.), pp. 3–24 | Chapter
In this chapter, we highlight Bill VanPatten’s numerous contributions to the fields of second language acquisition (SLA) and instructed second language acquisition (ISLA), and to the language teaching profession. We begin with an overview of his major professional achievements, followed by an… read more
Leeser, Michael J. and Gretchen L. Sunderman 2016 Methodological implications of working memory tasks for L2 processing researchCognitive Individual Differences in Second Language Processing and Acquisition, Granena, Gisela, Daniel O. Jackson and Yucel Yilmaz (eds.), pp. 89–104 | Chapter
A growing body of research within cognitive perspectives of second language acquisition (SLA) has investigated how individual differences in working memory (WM) capacity may impact second language (L2) processes. Many of these studies have employed versions of complex span measures, such as the… read more
VanPatten, Bill, Gregory D. Keating and Michael J. Leeser 2012  Missing verbal inflections as a representational problem: Evidence from self-paced readingLinguistic Approaches to Bilingualism 2:2, pp. 109–140 | Editorial
A continuing concern in second language acquisition (SLA) research is whether problems with inflectional morphology are representational or related somehow to performance. In this study, we examine 25 non-advanced learners of L2 Spanish and compare them with 18 native Spanish speakers on three… read more
Leeser, Michael J., Anel Brandl and Christine Weissglass 2011 Chapter 8. Task effects in second language sentence processing researchApplying priming methods to L2 learning, teaching and research: Insights from Psycholinguistics, Trofimovich, Pavel and Kim McDonough (eds.), pp. 179–198 | Article
This chapter explores the ways in which secondary tasks utilized in on-line sentence processing experiments can influence second language (L2) learners’ processing behavior. After a brief introduction to sentence processing and the self-paced reading methodology, we present data from a self-paced… read more