Vadim Dyachkov

List of John Benjamins publications for which Vadim Dyachkov plays a role.


Heath, Jeffrey and Vadim Dyachkov 2023 Dogon pseudo-subjects with or without true subjectsStudies in Language 47:2, pp. 392–421 | Article
Dogon pseudo-subjects are bare meteorological, temporal-environmental, and partonymic nouns of low referentiality/specificity that occur in fixed noun-verb collocations. The pseudo-subject controls the choice of verb in all cases, but it fails to behave like a true subject in linear position, in… read more
Heath, Jeffrey and Vadim Dyachkov 2015 Subject versus addressee in Dogon imperatives and hortativesStudies in Language 39:3, pp. 555–593 | Article
Indicative sentences in Dogon have a subject of S/A type identifiable by convergent criteria. However, Dogon imperatives diverge from English in lacking full-fledged referential subjects. Specifically, covert imperative actors (“subjects”) cannot bind transpersonal reflexive pronominals the way… read more