Udo Fries

List of John Benjamins publications for which Udo Fries plays a role.


Fries, Udo 2013 9. Variation in the language of London newspapers: January 1701Variation and Change in Spoken and Written Discourse: Perspectives from corpus linguistics, Bamford, Julia, Silvia Cavalieri and Giuliana Diani (eds.), pp. 157–172 | Article
This paper discusses the possibilities for research with the Zurich English Newspaper Corpus (ZEN) and ways of expanding this corpus. The usefulness of and the problem with text classes is shown. The text class Foreign News was the most prominent one in the early 18th century. The empirical study… read more
Fries, Udo 2009 Crime and punishmentEarly Modern English News Discourse: Newspapers, pamphlets and scientific news discourse, Jucker, Andreas H. (ed.), pp. 13–30 | Article
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