Karen Froud

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Subjects Afro-Asiatic languages | Theoretical linguistics


The study of language development in Arabic heritage speaking children is scarce, and mostly constrained by cross-sectional designs (see Visonà & Plonsky, 2020), making it difficult to determine the course of language development or maintenance through the different stages of language exposure… read more
This study provides preliminary data on Palestinian Arabic and English plural elicitations in Palestinian Arabic heritage-speaking children in the United States. Since dual formation is present in Palestinian Arabic but not English, this kind of investigation could elucidate whether a shift from… read more
Diglossia is one distinctive feature of Arabic and other languages, such as Swiss-German (Ferguson 1959). Neurocognitive studies aiming to understand the neural mechanisms of diglossia in general, and Arabic diglossia in particular, are sparse. This paper provides a framework for discussing… read more
Khamis-Dakwar, Reem and Karen Froud 2014 Introduction: Diversity and innovation in Arabic LinguisticsPerspectives on Arabic Linguistics XXVI: Papers from the annual symposium on Arabic Linguistics. New York, 2012, Khamis-Dakwar, Reem and Karen Froud (eds.), pp. 1–8 | Article