Simeon Floyd

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Edited by Simeon Floyd, Elisabeth Norcliffe and Lila San Roque

[Typological Studies in Language, 118] 2018. vii, 505 pp.
Subjects Morphology | Pragmatics | Semantics | Syntax | Theoretical linguistics | Typology


Floyd, Simeon 2019 Body-directed gesture and expressions of social difference in Chachi and Afro-Ecuadorian discourseAnthropology of Gesture, Brookes, Heather and Olivier Le Guen (eds.), pp. 281–304 | Article
This paper presents an analysis of a data set consisting of instances of body-directed gesture that occurred in racializing expressions of social difference during ethnographic interviews with two neighboring peoples of Ecuador: the indigenous Chachi, speakers of the Cha’palaa language, and… read more
Floyd, Simeon 2018 Chapter 9. Egophoricity and argument structure in Cha’palaaEgophoricity, Floyd, Simeon, Elisabeth Norcliffe and Lila San Roque (eds.), pp. 269–304 | Chapter
The Cha’palaa language of Ecuador (Barbacoan) features verbal morphology for marking knowledge-based categories that, in usage, show a variant of the cross-linguistically recurrent pattern of ‘egophoric distribution': specific forms associate with speakers in contrast to others in statements and… read more
San Roque, Lila, Simeon Floyd and Elisabeth Norcliffe 2018 Chapter 1. Egophoricity: An introductionEgophoricity, Floyd, Simeon, Elisabeth Norcliffe and Lila San Roque (eds.), pp. 1–78 | Chapter
Floyd, Simeon 2016 Chapter 13. Insubordination in interaction: The Cha’palaa counter-assertiveInsubordination, Evans, Nicholas and Honoré Watanabe (eds.), pp. 341–366 | Article
In the Cha’palaa language of Ecuador the main-clause use of the otherwise non-finite morpheme -ba can be accounted for by a specific interactive practice: the ‘counter-assertion’ of statement or implicature of a previous conversational turn. Attention to the ways in which different constructions… read more
Floyd, Simeon and Elisabeth Norcliffe 2016 Switch reference systems in the Barbacoan languages and their neighborsSwitch Reference 2.0, Gijn, Rik van and Jeremy Hammond (eds.), pp. 207–230 | Article
This chapter surveys the available data on Barbacoan languages and their neighbors to explore a case study of switch reference within a single language family and in a situation of areal contact. To the extent possible given the available data, we weigh accounts appealing to common inheritance and… read more
This chapter connects the grammar of the first person collective pronoun in the Cha’palaa language of Ecuador with its use in interaction for collective reference and social category membership attribution, addressing the problem posed by the fact that non-singular pronouns do not have… read more
According to the traditional Quechuan classification which has dominated Andean historical linguistics since the 1960s, the Ecuadorian Quechua group (Andean Quichua, Amazonian Quichua, Colombian Ingano and lower Pastaza Inga in Peru) belongs to the “Quechua II” branch, supposedly including all… read more