Tessel Boerma

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Previous research has shown that a crosslinguistic nonword repetition and narrative tasks can support the identification of developmental language disorder (DLD) in 5- and 6-year-old bilingual children. The tasks disentangled the effects of DLD and bilingualism and demonstrated good clinical… read more
Background. Some studies find that bilingual children perform below monolinguals on language measures, whereas other studies report no differences. For the purpose of this study, we investigated the Dutch lexical and narrative comprehension of bilingual Tarifit-Dutch and Turkish-Dutch children.… read more
Blom, Elma and Tessel Boerma 2017 Effects of language impairment and bilingualism across domains: Vocabulary, morphology and verbal memoryLanguage Impairment in Bilingual Children: State of the art 2017, Marinis, Theodoros, Sharon Armon-Lotem and George Pontikas (eds.), pp. 277–300 | Article
Purpose: This study examined the effects of language impairment (LI) and bilingualism across vocabulary, morphology and verbal memory in a sample of children learning Dutch. Methods: Children (MAGE = 71 months) were assigned to a monolingual group with typical development (TD) (n = 30), bilingual… read more