Ditte Kimps

List of John Benjamins publications for which Ditte Kimps plays a role.


Subjects Corpus linguistics | Discourse studies | Pragmatics


Kimps, Ditte, Kristin Davidse and Gerard O’Grady 2019 English tag questions eliciting knowledge or action: A comparison of the speech function and exchange structure modelsOn mood and speech function and the ‘why’ of text analysis: In honour of Margaret Berry, Fontaine, Lise, Miriam Taverniers and Kristin Davidse (eds.), pp. 86–111 | Article
Davidse, Kristin and Ditte Kimps 2016 Specificational there-clefts: Functional structure and information structureThe dynamicity of communication below, around and above the clause, Clarke, Ben and Jorge Arús-Hita (eds.), pp. 115–142 | Article
In this article we present functional-structural and information structure arguments for recognizing specificational there-clefts, i.e. clefts that specify a value for a variable. We distinguish two types which hinge on whether the matrix is a listing or a canonical existential. Listing… read more
Gentens, Caroline, Ditte Kimps, Kristin Davidse, Gilles Jacobs, An Van linden and Lieselotte Brems 2016 Mirativity and rhetorical structure: The development and prosody of disjunct and anaphoric adverbials with ‘no’ wonderOutside the Clause: Form and function of extra-clausal constituents, Kaltenböck, Gunther, Evelien Keizer and Arne Lohmann (eds.), pp. 125–156 | Article
This paper studies from a synchronic-diachronic perspective the formal and semantic-discursive properties of adverbial expressions with a negative quantifier + wonder (henceforth ‘no’ wonder). They are used as mirative qualifiers which assess a proposition as ‘not surprising’, typically motivated… read more
Kimps, Ditte, Kristin Davidse and Bert Cornillie 2014 The speech functions of tag questions 
and their properties. A comparison of their distribution in COLT and LLCCorpus Interrogation and Grammatical Patterns, Davidse, Kristin, Caroline Gentens, Lobke Ghesquière and Lieven Vandelanotte (eds.), pp. 321–350 | Article
This article proposes a classification of speech functions of variable tag questions in British English conversations. Based on intonational, conversational and formal criteria the analysis shows that tag questions can not only function as questions and statements, but also as responses, commands… read more