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Metaphor Variation in Englishes around the World

Edited by Marcus Callies and Alexander Onysko

Special issue of Cognitive Linguistic Studies 4:1 (2017) v, 169 pp.
Subjects Cognition and language | Cognitive linguistics | Cognitive psychology | Neurolinguistics | Psycholinguistics


This paper provides an integrated view of two recent cognitive models of language contact that have been developed on the basis of a usage-based approach to language: Diasystematic Construction Grammar (DCxG; Höder 2012, 2014, 2018, this volume) and Cognitive Language Contact Phenotypes (CLCP;… read more
Callies, Marcus and Alexander Onysko 2017 Metaphor variation in Englishes around the world: Introduction to the special issueMetaphor Variation in Englishes around the World, Callies, Marcus and Alexander Onysko (eds.), pp. 1–6 | Introduction
This paper contributes to research on metaphor variation in the context of world Englishes from a theoretical and an empirical point of view. Starting with a discussion of the dissonance between universality and cultural specificity in conceptual metaphor research, basic dimensions of variation… read more
This article focuses on automatic text classification which aims at identifying the first language (L1) background of learners of English. A particular question arising in the context of automated L1 identification is whether any features that are informative for a machine learning algorithm relate… read more
Set in the context of bilingualism in Māori and English, this chapter discusses the interpretation of novel English compounds as right or left-headed. The aim is to report evidence of structural transfer in bilinguals on the level of word formation. In accordance with Grosjean (2012), this study… read more
Callies, Marcus, Alexander Onysko and Eva Ogiermann 2012 Chapter 3. Investigating gender variation of English loanwords in GermanThe Anglicization of European Lexis, Furiassi, Cristiano, Virginia Pulcini and Félix Rodríguez González (eds.), pp. 65–89 | Article
This article examines variation in gender assignment to English loanwords – a phenomenon that has rarely been studied on a large empirical basis to date. We report on a multi-method study of gender assignment to Anglicisms as evidenced by large newspaper corpora and experimental data elicited from… read more
Winter-Froemel, Esme and Alexander Onysko 2012 Chapter 2. Proposing a pragmatic distinction for lexical AnglicismsThe Anglicization of European Lexis, Furiassi, Cristiano, Virginia Pulcini and Félix Rodríguez González (eds.), pp. 43–64 | Article
While certain Anglicisms (e.g. Event and Kids in German) typically appear as marked lexical choices, such effects are absent in other Anglicisms (e.g. Film and PC in German). In order to investigate these different pragmatic interpretations, we consider the criterion of whether an Anglicism exists… read more