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Translaboration: Exploring Collaboration in Translation and Translation in Collaboration

Edited by Alexa Alfer and Cornelia Zwischenberger

Special issue of Target 32:2 (2020) vi, 216 pp.
Subjects Translation Studies
Subjects Applied linguistics | Language acquisition | Language teaching | Multilingualism | Translation Studies


Zwischenberger, Cornelia and Alexa Alfer 2022 Trans labor ation: Translation and labourTranslation in Society 1:2, pp. 200–223 | Article
Translaboration, a concept derived from blending ‘translation’ and ‘collaboration,’ has the concept of labour at its core. This paper investigates the dimension of labour in online collaborative translation, relates translational labour to Arendt’s categories of work and action, and proceeds to… read more
Alfer, Alexa 2020 The translaborative case for a translational hermeneuticsTranslaboration: Exploring Collaboration in Translation and Translation in Collaboration, Alfer, Alexa and Cornelia Zwischenberger (eds.), pp. 261–281 | Article
This paper takes the notion of translaboration as a stepping stone for an exploration of some of the recent debates about translational hermeneutics. In doing so, it aims to expand translaboration’s focus beyond concrete collaborations between multiple translators, or authors and translators, and… read more
Collaborative translation practices have been receiving increased scholarly attention in recent years and have also given rise to attempts to conceptualise translation as an inherently collaborative phenomenon. In a parallel movement, though to a lesser extent, research from disciplines with a… read more