Johanna Monti

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Multiword Units in Machine Translation and Translation Technology

Edited by Ruslan Mitkov, Johanna Monti, Gloria Corpas Pastor and Violeta Seretan

[Current Issues in Linguistic Theory, 341] 2018. ix, 259 pp.
Subjects Computational & corpus linguistics | Natural language processing | Syntax | Theoretical linguistics | Translation Studies


Monti, Johanna, Mihael Arcan and Federico Sangati 2020 Translation asymmetries of multiword expressions in machine translation: An analysis of the TED-MWE corpusComputational Phraseology, Corpas Pastor, Gloria and Jean-Pierre Colson (eds.), pp. 23–42 | Chapter
Machine Translation (MT) is now extensively used both as a tool to overcome language barriers on the internet and as a professional tool to translate technical documentation. The technology has rapidly evolved in recent years thanks to the availability of large amounts of data in digital format… read more
Monti, Johanna, Violeta Seretan, Gloria Corpas Pastor and Ruslan Mitkov 2018 Multiword units in machine translation and translation technologyMultiword Units in Machine Translation and Translation Technology, Mitkov, Ruslan, Johanna Monti, Gloria Corpas Pastor and Violeta Seretan (eds.), pp. 1–38 | Chapter
The correct interpretation of Multiword Units (MWUs) is crucial to many applications in Natural Language Processing but is a challenging and complex task. In recent years, the computational treatment of MWUs has received considerable attention but we believe that there is much more to be done… read more