Pieter Boulogne

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After reading L’esprit souterrain, the first French translation of Dostoevsky’s Notes from the Underground, Nietzsche embraced Dostoevsky as a master psychologist, notwithstanding their ideological differences. This article argues that the much-discussed influence of Dostoevsky on Nietzsche can… read more
Boulogne, Pieter 2016 Champion of the humiliated and insulted or xenophobic satirist? Dostoevsky’s Mockery of Germans in early translationInterconnecting Translation Studies and Imagology, van Doorslaer, Luc, Peter Flynn and Joep Leerssen (eds.), pp. 109–126 | Article
Although Dostoevsky’s name rarely triggers associations with humour among western readers, the writer entertained his Russian contemporaries by making fun of the German minorities. Folklore studies illustrate that the Russian collective consciousness perceived the German nation with mixed feelings.… read more