Dana Cohen

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In the literature on the mass-count distinction, some nominals that denote groupings of objects (e.g. English furniture) are known to display hybrid properties, exhibiting syntactic distribution akin to prototypical non-count nominals (substance-denoting, e.g. mud), but showing certain semantic… read more
Cohen, Dana 2012 NN constructions in Modern HebrewThe Morphosyntax of Reiteration in Creole and Non-Creole Languages, Aboh, Enoch O., Norval Smith and Anne Zribi-Hertz (eds.), pp. 175–202 | Article
This paper proposes structural analyses for several nominal reiteration constructions (NN) in Modern Hebrew which function as adverbials. The properties and distribution of these patterns indicate an interaction of nominal distinctions (number and mass/count denotation) with Aktionsart, suggesting… read more
Cohen, Dana 2010 A comparative perspective on intensive reflexives: English and HebrewComparative and Contrastive Studies of Information Structure, Breul, Carsten and Edward Göbbel (eds.), pp. 139–168 | Article
Position variability is one of the defining properties of intensive reflexives (IRs). This distributional pattern often leads to isomorphic, even polysemous treatments. This paper presents a unified account of IRs based on the examination of IRs in English and Hebrew. The proposed analysis… read more