I Wayan Arka

List of John Benjamins publications for which I Wayan Arka plays a role.



Arka, I Wayan 2019 Grammatical relations in BalineseArgument Selectors: A new perspective on grammatical relations, Witzlack-Makarevich, Alena and Balthasar Bickel (eds.), pp. 257–299 | Chapter
Grammatical relations in Balinese show good empirical evidence for the classification of syntactic dependents into core arguments, obliques and adjuncts. One of the core arguments is selected as Pivot, a well-defined syntactic notion with certain exclusive selectors, such as control and… read more
This paper will account for the interaction between syntax and semantics/pragmatics in the speech styles of Balinese. The analysis makes use of an explicit representation that accounts for the co-occurrence restrictions on linguistic expressions which are imposed by social information associated… read more