Agurtzane Azkarai

List of John Benjamins publications for which Agurtzane Azkarai plays a role.


Research on L1 use among young EFL learners is scarce and has been mainly conducted with oral tasks, while collaborative writing (CW) tasks have been underexplored. CW provides learners with many opportunities for L2 development, especially when they work in collaborative patterns of interaction. read more
Azkarai, Agurtzane, María del Pilar García Mayo and Rhonda Oliver 2020 The effect of task repetition on the patterns of interaction of ESL childrenITL - International Journal of Applied Linguistics 171:1, pp. 90–112 | Article
Research on collaborative work has explored the benefits of task repetition (TR) for L2 development. TR has been claimed to improve L2 complexity, accuracy and fluency, provide opportunities for feedback, and increase learners’ engagement in their L2, as reported in studies that have explored… read more
Previous research carried out from a socio-cultural perspective has explored the way adult learners interact when undertaking tasks. Following the type of analysis initiated by Storch (2002) we examined the patterns of interaction of young ESL learners (ages 9–12) of different English… read more
García Mayo, María del Pilar and Agurtzane Azkarai 2016 9. EFL task-based interaction: Does task modality impact on language-related episodes?Peer Interaction and Second Language Learning: Pedagogical potential and research agenda, Sato, Masatoshi and Susan Ballinger (eds.), pp. 241–266 | Article
Research on L2 interaction has shown that task modality (written vs. oral) influences language learning opportunities. However, most research has been carried out in ESL settings and few studies have investigated task modality differences in EFL contexts, where both quantity and quality of exposure… read more