Nina Dobrushina

List of John Benjamins publications for which Nina Dobrushina plays a role.


Dobrushina, Nina 2021 Negation in complement clauses of fear-verbsFunctions of Language 28:2, pp. 121–152 | Article
Complement clauses of verbs of fear often contain expletive negation, which is negative marking without negative meaning. Expletive negation in fear-complements regularly co-occurs with non-indicative moods, such as subjunctive, conjunctive, or conditional. The aim of this paper is to provide a… read more
Dobrushina, Nina and Michael A. Daniel 2018 Chapter 6. Field linguistics in Daghestan: A very personal accountWord Hunters: Field linguists on fieldwork, Sarvasy, Hannah and Diana Forker (eds.), pp. 79–94 | Chapter
Dobrushina, Nina and Valentin Goussev 2005 Inclusive imperativeClusivity: Typology and case studies of the inclusive–exclusive distinction, Filimonova, Elena (ed.), pp. 179–211 | Chapter