Chia-chien Chang

List of John Benjamins publications for which Chia-chien Chang plays a role.



Chang, Chia-chien, Michelle Min-chia Wu and Tien-chun Gina Kuo 2018 Conference interpreting and knowledge acquisition: How professional interpreters tackle unfamiliar topicsInterpreting 20:2, pp. 204–231
This paper describes knowledge acquisition of professional conference interpreters in Taiwan when dealing with unfamiliar topics: the focus is on how the required knowledge is developed before, during and after a conference. We interviewed 10 Chinese-English interpreters, to find out about their… read more | Article
With the spread of English as a lingua franca (ELF), interpreting researchers have started to explore its effects on interpreting quality and on the conference interpreting profession as a whole. This study is based on interviews with ten professional conference interpreters working with Chinese A… read more | Article
Chang, Chia-chien and Michelle Min-chia Wu 2011 Address form shifts in interpreted Q&A sessionsInterpreting Chinese, Interpreting China, Setton, Robin (ed.), pp. 55–79
Chang, Chia-chien and Michelle Min-chia Wu 2009 Address form shifts in interpreted Q&A sessionsChina and Chinese, Setton, Robin (ed.), pp. 164–189
This paper examines the use of address forms in interpreter-mediated question and answer (Q&A) sessions in international conferences. The address forms analyzed include both the names and the pronouns the questioners used to address the presenters. The data were collected from two conferences held… read more | Article
Chang, Chia-chien and Diane L. Schallert 2007 The impact of directionality on Chinese/English simultaneous interpretingInterpreting 9:2, pp. 137–176
This paper addresses the issue of directionality in simultaneous interpreting by exploring professional Chinese/English interpreters’ experience of simultaneous interpreting, focusing specifically on the impact of language direction on their choice of strategies. Ten professional interpreters… read more | Article