Miriam A. Novack

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Cartmill, Erica A., Lilia Rissman, Miriam A. Novack and Susan Goldin-Meadow 2017 The development of iconicity in children’s co-speech gesture and homesignThe gesture–sign interface in language acquisition / L’interface geste–signe dans l’acquisition du langage, Morgenstern, Aliyah and Michèle Guidetti (eds.), pp. 42–68 | Article
Gesture can illustrate objects and events in the world by iconically reproducing elements of those objects and events. Children do not begin to express ideas iconically, however, until after they have begun to use conventional forms. In this paper, we investigate how children’s use of iconic… read more
Novack, Miriam A. and Susan Goldin-Meadow 2017 Chapter 17. Understanding gesture as representational action: A functional account of how action and gesture differ with respect to thinking and learningWhy Gesture?: How the hands function in speaking, thinking and communicating, Church, Ruth Breckinridge, Martha W. Alibali and Spencer D. Kelly (eds.), pp. 381–396 | Chapter
Abstract A great deal of attention has recently been paid to gesture and its effects on thinking and learning. This chapter sets forth a theoretical framework for exploring why gesture serves the functions that it does. The framework distinguishes gestures, which are… read more