Ronald Geluykens

List of John Benjamins publications for which Ronald Geluykens plays a role.


Subjects Discourse studies | English linguistics | Germanic linguistics | Pragmatics


Geluykens, Ronald and Bettina Kraft 2003 Sociocultural variation in native and interlanguage complaintsMeaning Through Language Contrast: Volume 2, Jaszczolt, Katarzyna M. and Ken Turner (eds.), pp. 251–261 | Article
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Kraft, Bettina and Ronald Geluykens 2002 Complaining in French L1 and L2: A cross-linguistic investigationEUROSLA Yearbook: Volume 2 (2002), Foster-Cohen, Susan H., Tanja Ruthenberg and Marie Louise Poschen (eds.), pp. 227–242 | Article
This paper addresses the linguistic realization of the face-threatening act of ‘complaints’ in native and non-native French discourse. Data were obtained through written Discourse Completion Tasks with German learners of French and native speakers to examine the extent to which L1 complaint… read more
Pelsmaekers, Katja, Chris Braecke and Ronald Geluykens 1998 Rhetorical relations and subordination in L2 writingLinguistic Choice across Genres: Variation in spoken and written English, Sánchez-Macarro, Antonia and Ronald Carter (eds.), pp. 191 ff. | Article
Geluykens, Ronald 1989 The Syntactization of Interactional Processes: Some Typological EvidenceUniversals of Language, Kefer, Michel and Johan van der Auwera (eds.), pp. 91–103 | Article