Sandra Mollin

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The Discursive Construction of Identities On- and Offline: Personal - group - collective

Edited by Birte Bös, Sonja Kleinke, Sandra Mollin and Nuria Hernández

Subjects Communication Studies | Discourse studies | Pragmatics
Subjects Corpus linguistics | English linguistics | Theoretical linguistics


Identity construction is group membership construction in that humans bring their individual selves into being by declaring and performing their belonging to in-groups which are constructed in contrast to out-groups, as suggested in Tajfel’s theory of social identity. In parliamentary discourse,… read more
While the study of idiolect is a neglected area in corpus linguistics, the present article suggests that it can be fruitful. As a tool for studying an idiolect, the three-million-word Tony Blair Corpus is introduced. The maximiser collocations occurring in this corpus are compared to those in the… read more
In deciding whether non-native English is to be classified as a new variety or simply as learner language, a yardstick is needed against which the candidate variety can be tested. This paper offers such criteria for ESL-variety status, based on the three processes in the development of a new… read more