Yvette Coyle

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This chapter describes the development of a coding scheme for the analysis of young English as a foreign language learners’ engagement with model texts. After outlining the theoretical rationale underlying our analytical procedure, and the methodological problems we experienced when attempting to… read more
Coyle, Yvette, Florentina Nicolás-Conesa and Lourdes Cerezo 2023 Chapter 3. Overview of methodological procedures in research on written corrective feedback processingResearch Methods in the Study of L2 Writing Processes, Manchón, Rosa M. and Julio Roca de Larios (eds.), pp. 60–81 | Chapter
This chapter offers a critical overview of the methods used in research on written corrective feedback processing. Broadly framed within interventionist and non-interventionist strands of research on the grounds of whether or not feedback and other task or participant-related variables are… read more
Roca de Larios, Julio, Francisco Javier García Hernández and Yvette Coyle 2021 A theoretically-grounded classification of EFL children’s formulation strategies in collaborative writingResearch on EFL learning by young children in Spain, García Mayo, María del Pilar (ed.), pp. 300–336 | Article
Research into collaborative writing (CW) has drawn on the notion of “languaging”, operationalized as language-related episodes (LREs), to account for the way learners pool their ideational and linguistic resources, give and receive immediate feedback on language and, as a result, deepen their… read more